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        Contact Us
        Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group
        TEL: (0417)5284555
        FAX: (0417)5284440
        ADDRESS: Nanlou Economic Development
        Zone,Dashiqiao City
        Postcode: 115103
        E-MAIL: 11873046@163.com
        Sales Department
        TEL: (0417)5284122
        FAX: (0417)5284122
        E-MAIL: jdjt2007@163.com
        Import and Export Department
        TEL: (0417)5284455
        FAX: (0417)5284455
        E-MAIL: jdjt2007@163.com
        Company profile
        Location:Home Page>Company profile
        Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group, with a history of almost one hundred years, is an old industry base famous for its production of magnesia materials. Located across Dashiqiao and Haicheng city, covering 14.2 square kilometers ,our company has a total asset of 1.385 billion Yuan and 3756 employees, of which 465 are professional technicians
        According to the factory history: As early as 1913, the region's rich mineral resources has caught the attention of experts home and abroad. A lot of famous geologist like Sun yunzhu and Li siguang, has repeatedly come to this survey. JDMG was founded in 1918, when it was the Mining Corporation of the Pseudo south manchuria before Liberation. In 1948 the country took back this company and restored production in 1950 with the name Dashiqiao magnesite mining of Anshan Iron and Steel Company. It was one of the 156 key construction projects during the "First Five-year Plan". Dashiqiao magnesite mining of Anshan Iron and Steel Company was first written in the primary and secondary school geography textbooks, and described as the world's first. New China's first magnesite clinker, the first burned brick, the first magnesia carbon brick, the first fused magnesite are produced here.
        The location of JDMG is very superior. It is 10 km from the Shenyang-Dalian highway, 7 km from Harbin-Dalian highway; 7.5 km from the north-east railway; 35 km away from Bayuquan port, and a half hour drive will reached Shenyang or Dalian International Airport; five and half hour will reach the capital-Beijing, all of this makes a very convinient transport route.
        JDMG consists of 15 subsidiaries namely, Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group Co., Ltd, Liaonan Magnesite Refractory company, Liaoning Chuangye Cement Co., Ltd, Dashiqiao Jinding Transportation Co., Ltd, Dashiqiao Huicheng Refractory Co., Ltd, Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group Import &Export Co.,Ltd, Dashiqiao Jinding Machinofacture Co., Ltd, Dashiqiao Jinding Caustic Calcined Magnesite Co., Ltd, Yingkou Baihe Food Industry Co., Ltd, Dashiqiao Yuanyuan Water Supplies Co., Ltd, Dashiqiao Panshi Concrete Co., Ltd, Yingkou Chenjiapuzi Mineral Co., Ltd, Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group Magnesium Co., Ltd, Liaoning Jinding Magnesite Group Huaziyu magnesite Co., Ltd, Liaonan Magnesite Refractory Company Qingshanhuai Magnesite and 14 department, 8 production units. JDMG is a new type of business leading by production of refractories, together with other businesses of chemicals, real estate, finance, building materials urban water supply, agriculture and other industries.
        JDMG owns three large sized mines, Qingshanhuai magnesite mine, Huaziyu magnesite mine and ChenJiaPuZi dolomite mine. the rich mineral reserves rank the first in the world. The large reserves, high and stable grade take the world by surprise. Initially proved, the total reserves of all kinds magnesite and dolomite is 1.2billion, accounting for 1 / 3 of the country’s total reserves, and four-fifths of Dashiqiao region. According to expert determination, these reserves can be large-scale exploited continuously for more than 100 years.
        JDMG owns large-sized and modern production equipments. We have big mining equipment for excavation like mechanical shovel and excavagator, and we imported a 3000 tons hydraulic vacuum production line within automatic from Japan, 10 large tonnage friction machines made in China, a 156 meters high temperature tunnel kiln and two ∮3.6meter×60meter rotary kilns, two ∮ 2.6 meter × 13 meter tube mills ; twenty-four 1600kVA7 level regulating transformers electric furnace; twelve furnace to produce caustic calcined magnesite reach the domestic leading level, one ∮ 3.4 meter gas station of two-stage heat; one german import pressure roller of dense ball machine, a SHZ 180 concrete mixing station, one 49 meter pump, 8 concrete mixer; forty-right wells, 3 concentrated pressure pump station,sixty-three second booster pump station, more than 20 million meters underground water pipe network; two cement rotary kiln production lines; 68 km railway of self use that link to the major railway and four locomotives; we also have a testing center with a full set of testing equipment, the number of equipments, automatic and semi-automatic level is among the leading level in the province.
        There are two major series of more than twenty products of fuesd magnesite and magnesia bricks of JDMG’s products, they are widely used in iron and steel industry, nonferrous metals, building materials, glass and other industries. The enterprise quality management system has passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system of China Metallurgical Industry Quality System Certification Center, and we have registered "Jinding" trademark in the State Administration, we have won the Yingkou famous brand, and famous brand in Liaoning Province. Our annual production capacity: 1 million tons magnesite; 300,000 tons dolomite; 120,000 tons synthetic magnesite; 200,000 tons fused magnesite; 30,000 tons magnesia carbon bricks, 30,000 tons burned magnesia brick, 30,000 tons unshaped refractories; 200,000 tons caustic calcined magnesite; 1,000 tons magnesium products;also we supply  urban water 18 million tons per year; and quality food 1300 tons per year.
        JDMG is one of China's largest manufacturers of fused magnesite, and the production of special fused magnesite is the first in the world, production technology and quality is among the world’s advanced level. Our products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad, currently being exported to clients in 20 countries and regions; including Japan, the USA, Austria, Germany , Singapore and so on.
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